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Making the Most of Smalley

The Smalley community group is made up of village residents whose aim is to facilitate opportunities for the whole village to come together.

Our goal is to work towards creating events that are inclusive of all members of our village to promote a caring and sharing community in Smalley.

Why Has The Smalley Community Group Been Formed?

As a response to comments that too little community activity takes place in Smalley, the Parish Council undertook to seek people’s views and nurture any potential developments. The Smalley Parish Council met with village groups and societies to discuss levels of activity and perceived needs. A questionnaire was delivered to every household in Smalley with an invitation to an open meeting in February 2016 where villagers could express views and make suggestions. Over 85 people attended. The mood was very positive. After two further meetings, a committee of approximately 15 people emerged, with around 30 on a contact list willing to distribute flyers, help at events etc. The committee is inclusive and open.

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